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Maybe you are new to the Chinese Novel scene and looking for good websites to read their English translations, or you are simply looking for more options to consider. You have come to the right place, and here you can find the list of best websites to read English translated Chinese light novels and web novels.

Moreover, on some of the websites, you can also find some popular Korean and Japanese light novels. If you wish to check them out, you surely can, as some indeed have excellent reviews. You have to understand the amount of English translated novels these websites host are limited compared to the vast number of Chinese light novels available on Chinese websites. The popular ones are what people want to read, and you can be sure to find them on these websites that host the English translation of the novels.

Novel Categories​

Before you check out the best websites to read Chinese web novels or light novels, look at the popular novel categories and some popular genres and sub-genres.

The literal meaning is “Martial Heroes.” These are stories of fiction that follow normal humans in their quest to acquire supernatural abilities, especially when it comes to fighting. So, they deal with the making of a ‘martial hero.’ Chinese martial art system takes a central stage, and it helps if you can read up on it before you pick this category.

The literal meaning is “Immortal Heroes.” Again, this is also a sub-genre of fiction. The ‘fantasy’ element is more predominant here in comparison to the Wuxia category. Stories feature magic, demons, ghosts and immortals, and great sages. They also borrow heavily from Chinese folklore/mythology. Taoism (Daoism) teachings and principles are powerful, and Protagonists often attempt to cultivate Immortality. Hence, seeking eternal life and the pinnacle of strength to become the strongest is a popular underlying theme.

The literal meaning is “Mysterious Fantasy.” This category is also a sub-genre fiction with an intermixing of the Chinese folklore/mythology with foreign elements & settings. Note that you will generally not find Taoist elements (Yin and Yang, Immortals, etc.). So this way, you can easily differentiate between the Xuanhuan and Xianxia novels.

  • Cultivation World (修真界 xiūzhēn jiè)
This is not a novel category, but it helps to know what this term means. It refers to the community of cultivators who train in martial & mystical arts to become stronger and prolong their lives. Some of the best Wuxia novels fall under this category.

Chinese Webnovel Genres/Demographics​

You might be wondering what kind of novel you should be picking up. Well, here is something to help you make a decision. The novels can be broadly divided into three demographics as below:

  • Young Male Demographics
  • Young Female Demographics
  • General Demographics

Young Male (男生)​

Fantasy (玄幻奇幻 – Xuánhuàn Qíhuàn)​

Fantasy stories depict the traditional Western world, such as that of the feudal society and the power and influence of it.

Epic Hero (武侠仙侠 – Wǔxiá Xiānxiá)​

This genre is very popular with the male youngsters, from classic immortal hero to modern-day sage cultivation stories. With strong heroes trying to attain even more strength with martial arts of many kinds, the stories are quite exciting and adventurous.

Gaming & Competition (游戏竞技 – Yóuxì Jìngjì)​

Fictional stories involving online games, the game world, competitive gaming, and stories that focus on a gamer’s life are the main themes under this genre.

History & Military Affairs (历史军事 – Lìshǐ Jūnshì)​

Fictional stories involving war and military campaigns or stories describing real war military campaigns make war heroes a part of this genre.

Science Fiction & World’s End (科幻末世 – Kēhuàn Mòshì)​

The stories here can include various kinds of the end of world scenarios, space science fiction, time travel, and such related stories.

Urban Fiction (都市小说 – Dūshì Xiǎoshuō)​

Hot-Blooded Youth (热血青春 – Rèxiě Qīngchūn): Youth fiction features hot-blooded youth and the harsh lives they live. Some stories have young people gaining unusual abilities and some being out the nuances of living an urban life.

Young Female (女生)​

Under this category, romance is the most popular theme. A variety of romance themes are available. We have stories where the female protagonist is reborn in the past. Or in the modern-day world with memories from the past. There is urban romance, the romance involving big-shot people in business, romance stories featuring celebrities, cross-border fiction, and romantic stories involving a game plot.

General (个性化)​

General categories include stories set in actual situations, marital romance in modern society, suspense, terror & mystery themes. Case solving stories that involve solving crimes and capturing criminals are also quite popular. Humor themes and stories with a campus as the main backdrop and stories featuring distressed youth undergoing difficult adolescent years are available.
So, now the main topic of this post:

Websites to Read English Translated Chinese Light Novels​


NOVELHOT is another excellent website to read Novels, Comics, and Fan-fics. Some chapters are free while some need to be unlocked. It is much fluid than the other websites and is also available as an app. Also, Genres are divided into male and female-oriented and are quite well listed for users to explore them. The website offers various handy sections such as the power ranking, popular, ladies pick, and new to the web novel. Thus, it’s neatly organized. Moreover, the novel description is well-written and informative enough to let users decide whether to read or not. This is undoubtedly an excellent way for one to discover his/her favorite novel.

Not only can you read web novels here, but you can also write them on this platform. The website offers a guide to aspiring authors by working and maintaining your dashboard. A forum and a ‘library’ feature serve as a bookmark feature to read English translated Chinese light novels and others later. So, you can quickly resume a novel from where you have left it as the website offers this feature. They also offer paragraph comments, font size, and background color change option. So, explore the features yourself!

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